What can I say… it’s finally Friday!!! It is Friday right? Ok.. just checking. I’ve been up since 6am working on my Econ homework thats due on the day of the final exam, and now my eyes hurt so I’m stopping for a bit. Hey its lunch time.. wonder what we will do today.. guess I need to call and see where to go huh? Sushi sounds good hmm yeah it sounds real good. Haha probably a little more healthy to eat than that huge burrito I had yesterday. Most of the rest of today I’ll be working on some studies.. I’ve got a major study guide for biology that I need to finish before Sunday if I can too. The exam isn’t until Wednesday at 8am, but we’ve got kyu testing on Tuesday evening from 6pm until 8 or 9.. just depending on how fast it goes, so I won’t be doing much studying that night either. We’re hoping to get together on Tuesday early, but I won’t be out of exams till 1pm anyways. Oh well… I’ll squeeze some studying in there some where.. I can always read on the way to Birmingham tomorrow morning too. Ok.. off to lunch before I forget I’m hungry again! (ps.. down 10 pounds and cheating the diet too!)