Nice day today

spent with family. Too much food though and plenty sent home with us too. Yummy homemade coconut cake, J’s homemade cheesecake and lots of cornbread/sage dressing too! Hmm.. seems like we fell off the diet wagon today but all for a great reason too. G called this morning to tell us Merry Christmas and to let us know he spent the night at the ER getting stitches and now has a terrible swelled up black eye.. seems getting hurt on Christmas is a really bad habit. (Jumping down stairs this time) -( It was only a few years ago we were sitting at the dentist office getting his front tooth fixed (he broke it in half). He found out the wrong way how ‘NOT’ to use front brakes on his new bike! I’ll be picking him up on Friday, so maybe the swelling will be down by then too. Everyone seemed to enjoy all their gifts today up at mom’s and it was good to see everyone today.
While there we received word that our niece in S.C. got to come home from the hospital yesterday so that too was some great Christmas news too. (she’s 6 and had to have a large cyst removed and one of her ovaries, but so far all news is good news)
Ok.. off to bed.. 4 hours of driving really gets me tired (thanks for driving some tonight sweetie.. I hate driving after dark.

Merry Christmas!