Nice day to be lazy..again :-)

We had a great day today.. just being lazy and doing nothing. J took off work until after NYE so we didn’t do too much today. We did finally get the box so that we could hook up all the stuff to the tv. Now no more trying to remember which channel the tv has to be on etc.. just to watch a movie.. just push a button and its on.
Earlier today at the mall I picked up dinner for Rosie (our boa) but she’s still not eating.. odd. But then again I hate eating when someone keeps looking at me too. We’ll give her time, and if they don’t dissappear in a day or so.. back to the petstore like usual. She’s pretty big now.. up to 15 pounds when we weighted her before Christmas.
Tomorrow G and I are going to see about him getting his stitches out. I hate that he’s going to have such a scar.. I know Harry Potter has one, but gee..thats just a movie. Anyways I’m hoping he’s found out why we ‘DONT’ jump off the stairs and won’t do it again.
Did I mention that we went movie crazy this weekend?
Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets
Men In Black II
Mr. Deeds
Austin Powers-Goldmember

Austin Powers was pretty funny.. one of the main reasons we watched was because a friend of ours was the stunt double for all the Mike Meyers characters.

Mr. Deeds was funny too.. gotta love Adam Sandler!

And for Men in Black… well.. the aliens are (using my Steve Martin voice) c-r-a-z-y!!