Maybe for the last time..

Well after all the rain recently, we had to break down and mow the lawn again. Hopefully this is the last time this year. It was nice to get outside and work on the yard. Soon we’ll have to till under the garden and add all the compost thats left from this year. Slowly the clay soil out there is starting to look good in the garden. Who knows maybe this year everything will produce. We did get quite a bit out of the garden this year, but without any rain it was hard to keep it watered everyday. Speaking of rain, a friend of mine down in Australia said they still haven’t had any rain at all. Over 7 months now and not a trace. They are already under water restrictions which is sad, considering this is the start of their summer, and if you plan on having a garden you have to carry the water to it. No using water hoses or sprinklers. I know our summer was bad.. but not quite that bad! Hopefully they will get some relief soon.
Off to decide on dinner. Hmmm.. chicken.. what can we do with it… mmmm grilled sounds good!