Knock-out fight

went well yesterday.. even though our fighters didn’t win. But hey.. its great experience for them and a learning experience for me. I’ve been playing with the idea of doing it myself, but I’ve still not made up my mind. For one thing.. there is no weight class, only classed by rank. So even thought I’m a black belt.. at 135.. I could be fighting another black belt at 185. See why I still have doubts? Ok.. yeah I could get good at lasting that long.. thats working on stamina.. but being able to take a full-contact blow to the body and legs from someone thats bigger than me.. well thats another story. Plus if you know me, you know I bruise very easily.. so even if I did come out on top.. I would look like someone who lost to Tyson! Its just a thought, but you know.. if I said I was going to do it.. went through all the extra training.. just think of how easy it would be to get back into shape Heres a sample fight.. download it if you have time to wait or a fast connection.. its big. Knockout Fighting 2002

Ps.. the guy who was knocked out is ok.. he was out of it for a while though, and doesn’t remember any of the fight. -(

Today went well.. lots of studying too.. so I feel good about some of the stuff for Lit tomorrow. Its hard to tell what to study other than the basic theme of each work we read. Only after we get our exam will we know what ’snipet’ we actually have to write an essay about. (Thats one thing I hate.. trying to figure out which work it came from!) It could be from Pope, Shakespeare, Lanyer, Donne, or Milton. My lit study partner and I were going to get together and study today, but she had a cold, and was having trouble getting a sitter for a couple of hours, so I jumped on hubby and told him all about the works of literature we had to read, and what the theme was for each of them. Love you sweetie..its great that you remember some of them from school too, so you atleast know I’m on the right track