Idiot (Middle English, from Latin idiota ignorant person) drivers!

Remember the Mickey Mouse parking tickets? You know the one’s I’m talking about.. well I needed one this evening when I went to get in my car after class. I’m amazed that the idiot that parked next to me (on my drivers side too) was able to get that close, and not take off my mirror! Oh and the really stupid part.. no one was parked around us for 5 or 6 spots either.. so its not like they had to park there. Plus I parked way down on the end where it usually never fills up anyway. At first I though that maybe I was close to the line, and it was my fault, but after checking, I was in the middle of my spot, and they were over in it too! Well I was able to get in.. from the passenger side, and climb over to the drivers side. Let me tell you.. thats not fun with bucket seats! Well I found Mickey, and I’m going to copy him, so I’ll have him ready next time someone decides to park stupid like that again. That really ticked me off.. especially on my last day of regular classes. Here’s a copy of Mickey if you’d like to see it.. (beware.. there are some curse words on the ticket too). Mickey Ticket