Ending up on your head?

Yep.. I almost did it. Never lean over the edge of a bed and try and put something on the floor. Why? because you’ll end up on your head in the floor, thats why! Well.. I didn’t end up in the floor, but I almost did! I’ve still got to get used to the bed being so tall. I mean I’m 5′7″ and the top mattress is above my waist! I actually have to hop into bed at night. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, its great sleeping on a real bed for once, and not the waterbed. My back and neck already feel better too. I’m just wondering how much the power bill will change since the heater isn’t running all the time. I don’t think the waterbed cost that much to keep warm.. who knows. The new bed did accomplish one thing, the dog doesn’t get on the bed now either in the middle of the night, or during the day when we’re gone to work. LOL.. she can’t jump that high! (sorry Kat) Well.. time to head to class… ttyl.