finally.. Friday is here. No major exams on Monday.. time to relax for ONCE this weekend and just have some fun. The Iron Bowl is tomorrow at 2:30, that will probably be the one thing we will watch. Hmm.. who to cheer for.. most likely Auburn. I know my uncle would love to hear that from me. We grew up in a neighborhood with all Alabama fans, and only one family was for Auburn. I remember one year when Alabama beat Auburn, one UA neighbor who was a baseball coach, (took the little thing that they lay down the chalk lines on the baseball field), filled it with lawn fertilizer, and wrote “Go Tide” on the Auburn family’s yard. Well.. the neighbor that did this didn’t tell anyone, plus he lived across the street, and up on a hill. Well a few weeks later he invited all the neighbors over for a BBQ. BOY.. talk about someone being ticked off! It was the prettiest green “Go Tide” anyone had ever seen! It was so funny to see the look on the AU fan’s face! That was one of the fun things about growing up where I did.