Wow.. can you imagine if we had snow almost knee deep here already? Or just having any snow at all right now?! I got a call from a friend that has already had snow for over a month now.. that is such an awsome thought. I would be freezing my butt off myself, since I’ve never actually been around that much snow before.. and couldn’t imagine having it on the ground all the time. LOL.. our 50F weather right now is sooooooo cold. Well, maybe one day I’ll see that much snow on the ground.. but only for awhile.. I wouldn’t want to live in it all the time. I remember once we were visiting NY in September and we actually had a small flurry one night.. now that was just weird. I know most people just hate the heat we have here in the south, along with the humidity.. but atleast we can get around town in it, and not be stuck inside for a couple days or weeks too. Ok.. enough of my rambling.. back to the fire to watch more BBC and read.