Nice day

to go watch an Aikido workout. We got there late, but we did get to see part of the Jo workout. A Jo is a wooden staff.. kind of like a Bo, but shorter and usually not tapered at the ends like a Bo. Its interesting to watch other styles and see how sometimes different styles do have things in common.
While at the work out I almost brought home another family member.. a small black and white kitten found where we were sitting and wanted to play. She was so cute.. but looked to have been living somewhere oily, like a car motor or something. As much as I hated to, I left her there.. Tora wouldn’t have taken to another animal in the house, and I wasn’t too sure I could find her a home. We’ve got way too many pets as it is anyway.
Can you tell I’ve been working on my blog look? Yeah… once you get the bug, your always fooling with it. Hubby started working on his too.. so now I can peek at his, like he peeks at mine.