long long day

for school and me… I feel like I’ve been away from home forever! Up to school around 7am to do some studying, then classes until 2:30, worked on biology study guide till around 5:30… home to grab a bite to eat and see Johnny (missed you sweetie!), then back to school around 6:45 to listen to a writing seminar by Susan Malone (an editor).. then back home around 8:30pm. Tired…. and my brain hurts! Can someone over study? I think so. I believe that after awhile its all just wasted effort.. especially for me.. I think my abilities to learn go down hill every year (LOL..wow..sounds like I think I’m getting old!). Ok.. off to a hot bath, read some Paradise Lost.. then to bed.

OH.. we taped Trust Company’s appearance on the Late Late Show last night, I just couldn’t stay up till 11:30 to watch it. Its amazing what record producers can do in the studio, as compared to how a band sounds in person! Maybe they should have performed a different song… oh well.. atleast they were on the show!