Its actually cold outside this morning! Well I’m back from an exciting shopping trip at the grocery store.. not my favorite chore on the day before Thanksgiving. I did go early (8am) so it really was pretty empty and I beat the rush. I can’t imagine going back later this evening.. it will be like a mad house! I was able to get everything I needed for dinner tomorrow, well except for the bread, and I’ll have to run get that a little later. That is one thing about this ‘no-carb’ diet.. finding things we can eat. I mean we can eat all the meats we want, but its the breads that are so hard to find. Most are loaded with sugars, and thats a no-no too. I’m making a pork sausage stuffing with sage for the turkey which sounds really good too. Yeah.. I know its not what I’m used to having, but its always a good thing to try new foods. I’ll start the turkey either really late tonight or early tomorrow, so it will be through in time to go to moms with everything. Can you imagine riding in the car.. smelling all the food.. and not getting hungry? Hmm.. that will be a test won’t it.

Ok.. wondering about the diet? Its a no-carb diet which causes you to start burning off your stored fat. Usually your body starts burning all the carbs which you eat, but if your not eating them, then it will start burning fats for energy too. Its not really a diet, its more a life-style. Kinda like instead of being a vegetarian and only eat veggies, we just don’t eat any carbohydrates (or only eat very few). Can we do it? Hmmm.. time will tell, but so far so good.

just a note.. the drastic low carbs is only for the first two weeks, and during this week its important to take your daily vitamins also. Then after those two weeks its just moderate carb intake (no all you can eat potato bar), and watching the sugars (no gallon ice cream binges) that you eat , plenty of exercise, vitamin supplements, etc. It wouldn’t be too healthy to cut out all carbs forever.