2002 Pumpkin!

Morning! I thought I would share our pumpkin with you this year. I thought I would try something different than just ‘eyes, nose, and mouth’. I will say that it took about an hour or so.. the hardest part was trying to cut it out, and not break any of the thin pieces. I did save the seeds (I always save seeds..not sure why..maybe I was a farmer in my other life). I thought about toasting those and see what they taste like.. or either save them for the ‘big garden’ we’ll have at the ‘new house’ hehehe. Or feed them to the birds.

Rain Sunshine!!!

Can you believe it!!! The sun is out today!! Uh oh… weather channel says we are in for some cold weather in the next couple of days. Love the sunshine and warmth while its here! Class went well today.. nothing big.. just same old stuff. Its amazing how a small poem can be pulled apart and discussed for an hour and fifteen minutes!

Don’t miss Birds of Prey Tonight on WB!

Christmas is only 56 days away! How come I can never remember to do christmas shopping during the summer? It would be nice to have everything finished.. but it never works that way. I think we’re just addicted to the ‘last minute Christmas rush’ aspect of it! As far as I’m concerned.. I have my Christmas present.. thanks sweetie and maybe I’ll get good at using it before too long.. would hate to cut myself.

Memo to self… advising appointment tonight!!

What a Lab!

Lab went long today… pretty interesting though.. to me atleast. Pretty much everyone left after about an hour of the three hour class. I did stay around until around 3 like we’re supposed to.. did some drawings and tons of descriptions to help with in class. Hey I’m not kissing up to the teacher.. but wouldn’t you think it looks good when your the last one to leave?? Heheh..shows dedication! well or something like that atleast. I still haven’t forgot the time one of the students (pointing at a plastic model of a human brain), looked at me and said isn’t that the model of a heart? Hmmm.. what are they teaching kids in school these days!!!!! And don’t say she was having a ‘blonde’ moment either! (smack smack on the hand.. I’m being mean!)