Shins and Bats

I forgot to mention how our demo went for the opening of the new Jackie Chan movie. It was pretty cool for a last minute thing. There was quite a crowd that watched too. We did a kata, broke some boards (I broke a board with my forearm), bo tai sai, a fight demo (aka Jackie Chan, broke concrete blocks, and someone broke two baseball bats (at the same time) with his shin! There was one of the local radio stations there a bit after us and she broke a kids board on the air..LOL. I did get a cool baseball hat though, and that will come in handy when I start back running again. Well.. thats all for now!

Highland Games

Today we went to watch the ‘Alabama Highland Games’ and it was really fun, seeing everyone in kilts and listening to the bag pipers. It sends a chill through me each time I hear 100+ bagpipers start playing Amazing Grace. I checked out some of the vendors trying to find a certain Celtic symbol I want on a necklace.. but it looks like I’ll just be getting it made by someone. The food was good too.. however I didn’t try the haggis..LOL. I did find a new food that I like, its called a Scotch Egg (thanks for the recommendation T). Its a hard boiled egg, covered in a layer of spicy sausage, dipped in a batter, then deep fried. It was rather yummy!

Well.. time to run change clothes and decide what’s for dinner tonight. I think I may cook chili…yummm that does sound good!



We got a little surprise from Isidore.. a nasty roof leak in the master bathroom… so now I’m waiting on roofers to come and give us an estimate on the repair. Thats not the only thing… after thats fixed.. then its time to call someone to repair the ceiling in there too! I guess when it ‘rains it pours’ hahaha.. no pun intended!