Hey there… wow.. I was gone for a little while wasn’t I. Well after getting some mail and people wondering where I was I thought I’d start back up in here again. Lots of new stuff to tell you about and stuff to catch up on.. all in due time.

Photo Friday: Emptiness

Photo Friday: Emptiness

Key Largo Florida, August 2002
Photo Friday: Emptiness
Taken August 2002 on a trip down to Key Largo Florida. We had fun waiting for the sun to finally set. 🙂


Rainy Friday

Woke to rain.. but its not a big concern.. weather is cool.. nice and breezy.

Wish it was like this back home… even though the temp here gets in the 90’s.. the breeze keeps it feeling cool. However.. after spending some time at the pool we did get a bit warm.

Out to dinner .. German tonight..

Up tomorrow for our last day here… heading back to Miami around noon.. should be back home by 8:30pm. Had a blast… great times.. lots of memories…

who said nothing could ever be perfect…