New doo

Whew… got my hair cut.. and also cut the lawn! I’m doing good today! Hmmm… however I still need to think about supper, and also run pick up some pictures that I’m having reprints made of.
Oh.. did I tell you about this new diet that I’m on.. it involves drinking 3 cups of hot tea each day. Well there must be something to it.. I’ve not been hungry all day, and I only ate half my lunch. The tea is called Bojenmi Chinese Tea. Its actually pretty good, and I’ve found a couple places here that carry it. Heck I’ll give it a try.. gotta get the weight of! Oh.. we started walking again too. Walked about a mile and half yesterday morning.. took about an hour. I even carried my 2# each jogging weights. Talk about working out the arms! After awhile I was ready to drop my fist.. but I was able to keep them up.. you know like when your jogging. Well.. time to run.. I’ll be back later.

.. its kind of odd knowing that people actually read these things.