Weekend update

Our weekend was really busy.. however we did get in some needed R&R.; I found a
nice old oil lamp that I’ve refurbished for a really cheap price. I’ve dated the brass burner on it from 1850- 1875 by the Scovill Brass factory in Waterbury, Conn. The only thing I had to do was get the ‘grime’ off of it, and replace the wick. Its amazing that someone probably used this to light their home a long time ago. It actually works really well, and I’m tickled to have found it.

1850-1875 Scovill Oil Lamp

Friday night was pretty good.. out to Red Lobster for all you can eat crab legs.. It was funny to see the expression on the waitresses face when I kept asking for more. What can I say.. I can eat those for days.. well maybe not days. The bad side is one gets tired of cracking them. After that it was home to watch TV.. knowing we could sleep in on Saturday.

Saturday was full of ‘doing nothing’. Well.. it was off to Walmart for some shopping, and then working in the yard. Well.. until the rain came. We didn’t do anything Saturday night.. just stayed in and watched a DVD.

Sunday was nice and quiet.. actually no rain for a bit. We went for lunch, and then for a drive to see some homes that are for sale on Emerald Mountain. Those were really nice, and it was amazing how much it was built up since the last time we went ‘window shopping’ for a home. My only concern is paying toll ever time we would have to go to town..lol. Oh.. we also went to check out the camping facilities of Fort Toulouse/Fort Jackson. We want to go camping before summer is over. Here’s some information about the site.


Well time for some lunch.. bye!

New doo

Whew… got my hair cut.. and also cut the lawn! I’m doing good today! Hmmm… however I still need to think about supper, and also run pick up some pictures that I’m having reprints made of.
Oh.. did I tell you about this new diet that I’m on.. it involves drinking 3 cups of hot tea each day. Well there must be something to it.. I’ve not been hungry all day, and I only ate half my lunch. The tea is called Bojenmi Chinese Tea. Its actually pretty good, and I’ve found a couple places here that carry it. Heck I’ll give it a try.. gotta get the weight of! Oh.. we started walking again too. Walked about a mile and half yesterday morning.. took about an hour. I even carried my 2# each jogging weights. Talk about working out the arms! After awhile I was ready to drop my fist.. but I was able to keep them up.. you know like when your jogging. Well.. time to run.. I’ll be back later.

.. its kind of odd knowing that people actually read these things.

Lake Guntersville

Where has the summer gone? Well.. its not over yet, and after next Tuesday I’ll have
a little over 19 days free! It will be so nice to finally sit down.. and get caught up on everything that needs to be done around here. This past weekend was a busy one for us. We went to Lake Guntersville State Park for the weekend. Arriving early on Friday, so we could get in some vacation time for ourselves. This trip was our
annual summer work out for karate. Every year before we held it at Lake Eufaula, but last year they moved it to Guntersville. Big improvement! Our room was great, and had the greatest view! If you would like to see photos from our trip, just go Here
Well.. time for me to run… things to do.. people to see!