New bday present!

Well I guess you want to know what I got for my birthday? Well after searching we finally found the patio group that I wanted from Lowe’s. Plus it matches the exterior of the house! It’s a really nice table, 4 chairs (with cushions), and a huge market umbrella! Now if the rain will stop long enough that we can use it! I can’t wait to go out in the morning with my huge cup of coffee and just relax. I had trouble deciding where to put it. It was a little large for the patio off the living room, so I moved it over to the other patio by the garden. Well as soon as I can find them, I want to add some of the umbrella lights that go underneath it. That way we can sit outside and have a more festive look! Hmm… I wonder where I can find some red-white-and blue lights .. you know the kind inside the clear rubber tube? Those would be great for the 4th of July. Well time to run.. so much to do. I really need to find some mosquito candles too.