Memorial Day Weekend

Well let me tell you about our trip! We left here on Friday around 1:30.. arrived there around 5:30. Traffic wasn’t bad, but it was getting there. Well the room was great!
( tub in the room!!!!!) We had a great view of the beach and the pool too! Next door was a place called Pineapple Willy’s, they have their own pier on the beach and we had dinner there Friday nite. OH…great Long Island Iced Tea too! We decided on hitting the beaches Saturday morning, so we did that, plus rented some snorkel gear and went out on the shuttle to Shell Island. Well.. as we could tell.. that’s where the party boats park and grill on the beach all day..LOL. We stayed there till around 3 PM, then walked back to be picked up by the shuttle. Back at the room.. changed and headed to get some dinner. We had dinner at this ‘all you can eat’ place that was over on the bay. LOL.. it put King Buffet’s crab legs to shame! Plus.. Draft Beer!!! Sunday we went fishing.. we/I (hehe just kidding honey) caught about 8 or so that we could keep. Next time Johnny wants to go on an all day fishing trip, so we’ll have more time to fish. We left out at 8 AM…fished from 9:30 AM until 12 PM.. then a 2 hour ride back to shore. Well I love boats, and have never had a problem with getting sea sick.. but around 9 PM.. I was soooo sick! Not too bad.. just nausea and drained
feeling. On Monday we got up early.. went to pick up our fish, and then headed home.. beating the traffic.

That is the one down point about going to that part of the panhandle.. bad traffic!

There is also another story about “Hey.. do you have beads?” LOL (what is it about young people..and thinking everyday is Mardi Gras!)

ever wonder??

things have been so busy since school is out. Yes.. I passed all my classes with A’s and B’s.. but lets not forget the dreaded C in Finite! Oh well.. that is the hardest class I’ve had so far.. so I know whats in store for the future.

Other than that, I have planted more flowers in my yard.. a new dogwood tree.. and we actually had some fresh yellow squash from the garden.

Gifts of today:
New webpage published
chatting with friends
talks of dinner out!
dreams of vacations to places with mountains and snow!
knowing that I’m loved


Three Down!

and one to go! I will be so glad when exams are over.. well.. maybe once grades
are posted I’ll feel the relief. Too bad the relief is only for a short time before classes start again. A nice trip to the beach or some place fun would be great about now. Destin sounds nice..we could do some deep sea fishing. Its been years since I’ve been would be a great get-a-way for us too. However, taking a trip would be quite the stretch right now.

Well..the plumbers were supposed to be here at AM..and they still have not showed up. At least they did hour ago to say they would be out. Well.. time to do some studying.. be back later

One Down..Three to go!

One final down.. three to go! And to top it off… major water leak in the front yard.. -( If its not one thing its another.. I wonder if the house is trying to tell us something? Oh well.. will just have to wait and see how bad the lawn looks tomorrow when I get home from school. Boy.. P’ville looks better every day! Ok.. time to make some dinner..

Remembering you childhood toys..

have you ever come across something that reminds you of the past?

Well I did today, and I thought I would share her with you. When I was young..5 or 6, every year we would get a special present from Santa Claus in our stocking. Well each year we (my sister and I) would get a Dawn doll.

These are like Barbie dolls, but smaller, only half the size. Well I haven’t seen them in yearrrrrs, and considering I’m saying I got them in the 1970’s.. that’s been awhile. Today I found one.. and I just had to have it.. she’s now added to my other toy from my child wooden Snoopy pull-toy!