Busy day today. Our school recognized all the honors students, scholarship students, and other outstanding students today. It didn’t last too long..only about two or so hours, then the reception was afterwards. Its amazing how smart some people are.. I can’t imagine earning 22 credits in one semester!!! I want my degree..but I don’t want to kill my self doing it. Plus.. I’ve got to have some kind of life outside of school!

After that, we went to eat dinner.. Hubby treated me to San Marcos… did I mention huge margarita’s??? Just kidding.. only a small.. LOL. Then at 8 we met some Kim and her husband at school to see a play called “Crimes of the Heart” put on by our theater department. It was pretty good too.. reminded me of when we went to see “A Christmas Carol” over at Shakespeare.

Well.. its late and I need to get some sleep.. otherwise I won’t get anything accomplished tomorrow. Nite Nite.

MIS paper

Working on my MIS paper.. only a paragraph to go…

Today was nice.. quite and lazy.. well other than doing some studying and this paper. I did take time out for lunch.. went out for Thai, then visited my favorite Asian market and picked up some more sandalwood soaps.. I just love the smell of that soap! I’ve found that its much cheaper there, than if I go to the health food store and get it.

Well.. guess its time for some tv time… can’t spend all my time in here writing! Nite


OH… I forgot to say.. we went walking yesterday evening down to a small creek by our
house. Saw a beaver!!! Wow.. those things are HUGE!!!! We also took some photos.. tried to get some of the Canadian geese that are staying around there, but couldn’t get close enough. Those momma geese get ill when they are protecting their eggs. Ok.. time to run!


Well time to run… need too be in Birmingham before noon.. no shopping this time..LOL well maybe a little


Wow..back at last.. I haven’t forgot.. just too busy to check in. Things are going great here.. summer has arrived..even though its still spring, and summer doesn’t officially arrive till my birthday.

The flowers I got on Valentine’s day from my Valentine finally bloomed.. they are so pretty!! I’ll share a photo of them right here too!