Back home

Arrived home around 7pm. Wow..what a long trip! We decided to drive straight
through and get back home on Friday. Its nice being home… and lazy.. before hitting the books again!

Headed down town!

We’re headed downtown for a tour of Memphis.. included are.. Graceland, The Pyramid, walks by the Mississippi River, visits to my cousin’s home, Elvis Presley Park, The Peabody Hotel to see the famous ducks, then back to the house for lunch.


Leaving for Tunica, Mississippi. Off to try our luck at the casino’s of Tunica,
Mississippi. Dinner there was wonderful.. loads of oysters on the half shell, shrimp, mmmmmmmm… I was sooooo stuffed! Well.. we didn’t do too good on the gambling.. BUT.. on the way out.. I placed a $0.75 bet on one machine..and HIT with 3 blue 7’s!!!! Now..the probablility of that happening.. hmm.. it may take me awhile to do the math, but the odds were high!!!

Arrived back home around 9:30.. had some Limoncello that my cousin brought back from her and her husbands last trip to Italy. It was awsome.. its a creamy lemon liquor that is shared among friends at special occasions.

We will sleep good tonight!


Rain rain rain… it seems like we’ve been driving in the rain for ever now. Oh
well… I guess it could be worse.