Went to karate tonight… working on self-defense .. missed a move and crushed my
ankle! Well..that move did not work! Off to bed..ER has wore me out, and the pain is awful!


Well school is back in session.. but at least I did have a great break between classes *wink* and I can’t wait till school is out again. Well..time to catch up on some TV..see you later!,0


Yes..we used this time as our honeymoon. Being that we’ve been so busy with either work, karate or school, we never took the time to take a real honeymoon vacation. I will say..the hottub was wonderful!!!!! Guess what is on my list of things I want now!

Pigeon Forge TN

Yes..yes..I’ve been gone for awhile.. guess that’s what happens when school is out.
Well.. lots to catch up on..
For Christmas we went to Pigeon Forge TN..rented a cabin..it was sooooo nice..I didn’t want to come home! If you want to see where we stayed..visit here: http://www.goldenvalleyrentals.com/


Yes….I’ve been away from here for awhile. However.. being busy is a good thing.

I was off my feet for about 2 weeks with my ankle, but now it still hurts, and I’m off to see the orthopedic doctor this coming week. My luck it will be fine by then, and that will be it. All I know is I really need to get my ankle back to normal..its really putting a damper on my karate. Seems most everything I do I use my right leg the most in, and trying to compensate really isn’t working out for me. Oh well.. I’ll just have to wait and see.