Yucky day

Morning! Starting off another yucky day today… rain and more rain.. but.. we needed it.

Needed it more during the summer tho. Well just a couple more classes, then finals, and on Christmas break till after the first of the year! Wooooo.. I can not wait.. I so need a break. A break from witting… quadratic functions..and world history. Well..speaking of History… gotta run.. studying to do. Bye

Happy Turkey Day

Great day today..nice and sunny..but just a little cool. Wine is cooling..ready for a
great Thanksgiving Day with the ones I love. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving..and I hope you get the wishbone!
kiss kiss!

New Tattoo!

After many months of trying to decide what my new tattoo would be I finally decided on a Pat Fish ‘grass triskle’ design which we modified just a touch. Since getting my black belt.. I wanted to mark myself so that I would always remember what I’ve achieved. I’m Irish, so this tat fits right in there too. It only took a little over 2 1/2 hours to do, and I will say that I would have favored child-birth to the pain this one gave me. My other two didn’t hurt this bad at all! But.. I think its all because of the location of the tat.. my lower back. What can I say.. I’m a bit touchy down there! Here’s a pic.. after its completely healed.

Irish triskle knot (blue), green blades of grass, red background

Unexpected gift!

What a wonderful day today… biology exam postponed till Monday… and my bestest bud
returns from a week long adventure full of life dreams in NYC!!! Thank you so much for the gift XGidget!!! You shouldn’t have! Hey.. that movie you went to the opening in NYC.. I hope it does well, because I want to see it now!! **** “Once you expand your mind, you can never go back.” **** Hugs!!!