Hi there,

Morning… I’ve been slacking on my journal entries… but hey! its my journal!

There just wasn’t much I could say, that wasn’t already said before… everyone needs a break sometimes .. especially when times are sad.

How is everyone today..? Great here. Just getting ready for class.. what a way to start the day but with algebra! Oh well…it could be worse! Gotta run!! bye


Wake up Alabama its cold this morning!!! Winter has arrived..and she has brought
the cold with her! It was mid 30’s here today.. that’s just way too cold for the South.. hehe even thought my Northern friends here are loving it! Isn’t that right Kim!

Destin Dreams

Morning! Boy did we get the rain! At least the rain waited until after dark to start or we would have gotten soaked at the fair. Yes.. I said we weren’t going this year, but; I can change my mind.

We took tons of pictures, but the lighting wasn’t the greatest. It was a windy and cloudy day, but we had fun.

I would tell you about the ride I went on by myself.. lol.. but you’ll just have to see the pictures. Well time to get my coffee. Hubby found me a new blend Friday called Destin Dreams.. its great!