Hiking adventure from Hell..

Ok..I know I’ve been away for awhile.. forgive me. We had a great weekend though.. was a little lazy until Saturday. We went to a sparring clinic at the dojo..worked out for about two hours. Thats going to be a fun class, hope they keep having it. I really need to work on my speed on my punches. Then on Sunday we went to my moms for lunch. Thats always a fun drive. On the way home, we stopped off in Wetumpka and decided to check out the new hiking/mountain biking trail there. Swayback Bridge Trail The only problem was..there was no sign to state how long the trail was! So..with nothing but time to kill..we set out walking, me with my trusty camera along for the ride. I did get some great photos though! Well.. we were passed by a few
bikers.. all headed in one direction.. so we knew the trail looped out. Then we passed mile marker one..then two..then three.. well now I was getting worried..lol.. didn’t want to be stuck in the woods after dark!

Memories of “”Blair Witch Project”” comes to mind!!!! Then mile 4.. then we almost though we were back to the beginning..and it turned and headed back into the woods! Well.. we saw a road..and walked out to it.. spotted what looked like the road we came in on, and headed out! Man.. my feet were killing me! When we got home.. we looked it up.. its a 8 mile hike!! LOL.. we’ll save that trip for another time!