Sad news

Ok.. sad news here on the homefront.. For everyone who was used to seeing my little Beta fish on one of the cams, well, he died quietly in his sleep last nigth. Cause: old age and lung failure. Funeral was at 7:00pm, with a burial at sea. He will be missed greatly by everyone.

Pretty busy

Pretty busy here today.. the neighbor was getting rid of an old wheel barrow, was in great shape, just a little rusty. Soo.. off to walmart I went. Sandpaper, hunter green paint, and some wood sealer. Nowwww…. voila! A very pretty planter for some of my herb plants a friend in Tennessee mailed me!! Very nice if I say so myself! Hehe..and its portable! Pictures to come shortly!


Wow.. last night in karate class was so cool. It was my first night as a black belt

Love it!! We started working on new kata’s for our next testing, but thats two years away right now.

That reminds me.. I still need to unload the photo’s from the camera.. be back later.

BIG News!

Ok everyone.. BIG news here on the homefront!!! I got my Black Belt last night!!!!! I

can’t believe it. I am so proud of my husband too, he received his 2nd degree last night too! LOVE YA!

I’ve written an essay “”What being a Black Belt means to me”” that my Sensei wants to put in the organizations newsletter, I’m still reworking it.. but I’ll share it when I’m finished working out the typo’s!! hehe

Well its almost lunch time.. hubby and I are going out for sushi for lunch in celebration for our achievements!

Talk to ya later!! OSU!!


Hi! We just returned from a week long vacation to NY state! Love the area.. and the weather was wonderful. We drove up this time… taking in the view, as usually we only see the tops of the clouds! 2,500 miles round trip!!! Still tired.. but well worth the drive. I’ve got tons of photos, that I want to post… I’ll get them scanned as soon as the come back from the developers.

While visiting.. we drove to Ithica, NY and hiked around Buttermilk Falls. That place was so beautiful.. and let me tell you… that water was soooo cold! I don’t see how the kids were able to swim there, but it was packed!