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Live From The Field

Coachella – the Cochin x Buff Orpington chick

New life on our little “farm”. Hatched on 15 August. From what I can tell knowing which eggs hatched we have a Speckled Sussex x Buff Orpington chick and a Partridge Cochin x Buff Orpington chick. It will be interesting to see if they are hens or roosters and what their coloring will be when the feathers come in.

Speckled Sussex x Buff Orpington (on the left) and Partridge Cochin x Buff Orpington (on the right)

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Upcycled Eight O’Clock Coffee Bag into Planter!

What to do with a empty coffee bag? Make a hanging planter!

Today’s post is from a little project I put together back in 2012. It was very simple to do and fast forward 5 years and it’s still going strong. The plants have changed and the outside is a little faded, but the coffee bag planter is still together. All it takes is a little twine for the hanger, some drainage holes in the bottom and a small hole cut in the side for planting. Get creative and see what you can come up with!

Lost Relatives – Found

In 2011 I started scanning old photos that my mom had saved. One person seemed to show up a lot and it was a friend of Mom’s that she knew growing up.  When she shows up in my mom’s photos from her wedding I decide that she must have been someone special and I needed to get these photos back to her family.  

Photo taken at Mom’s wedding February 27, 1953 at her brothers home in Eastaboga, Alabama. Mom is on the left and her best friend Mary Elizabeth Hicks in on the right.

I posted those photos online in 2011 in hopes that someone would find them. After no such luck I started digging again in May 2017. First up was some research on I located an obituary from 1959, just 6 years from the last photo I have of Mary Elizabeth.  I started searching harder on and located someone mentioned in the newspaper article I’d found earlier.   During my search I was lucky enough to trace the same person down on via a family tree listing for Mary Elizabeth.  And then I sent the email.  I really didn’t expect an answer, but later that day I did receive a response..   After exchanging several email I determined this was in fact the grand-daughter of the woman in the photos with my mom. I shared the photos she’d never seen with her and she said I had made her day.  Given a little time, even lost photos can find their way back home to their family.  That day I stepped away from my computer smiling.


The full set of photos can be seen here:  Lost Photos Find Their Home