Floral Friday – 2

Everything is all brown and dry now due to the extreme drought that we are in here but I wanted to share some photos of better times.  Hopefully more rain will come soon and everything will turn green just a little longer before the cold weather really starts.

Wild Blue Morning Glory
Day Lily









We Cut The Cable

Two months ago we turned in our cable DVR box and turned off all television services. We kept Internet and next month our cable bill will be $110 cheaper. This month the bill arrived and it was only $66! Here’s a recap of my project to cut the cable.

I’m done. My project is complete. Disconnected the TV and Internet cables in the attic. Put the Internet on its own line (removing it from the splitter). Put together and mounted the remote controlled antenna in the attic and reconnect the TV cables. Now we get 47 free channels in the living room and bedroom, using one antenna and existing wiring. #geekgirlsrock


Floral Friday – Mirabilis Jalapa

Mirabilis jalapa, the marvel of Peru

Drought – extreme drought conditions for where I live. No rain since September, however while I was outside today I notice the one of my 4 O’Clock plants was coming back out and even had a couple blooms.  I guess they really are drought tolerant.

I really hope this is a sign that we will have rain soon.  Everything is so brown, dusty and walking across the lawn the grass crunches under my feet.  Here’s a photo I took a while back when the 4 O’Clocks were loving the rainy weather!

Pink 4 O'Clock Flower


Thermal Cooking

What is thermal cooking? Well it’s like a slow cooker, but it does not use electricity at all. The short and sweet of it is that food is heated to boiling for a period of time 5, 10, 15 minutes and then put into an insulated structure. The covered pot will retain all the heat and the food will slowly continue cooking for several hours.This cooking concept is not new. While doing some research I found a newspaper article from the late 1890’s describing the same method. I also found a drawing in the book Experiment Station Work, XLI from 1907. If interested in reading the article it can be found over on the Internet Archive.

Well my cooker is not made from wood but the concept is the same. I was able to duplicate the method using a lidded pot and a cooler. Considering the cooler took up so much counter space and the hot pot warped the plastic on the inside of the cooler I finally decided to purchase a small crockpot sized thermal cooker.

It’s very simple to use and there is no worry from leaving an electric appliance plugged in all day. Continue reading

Getting Ready to Camp